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Replacement Infrared Lamps

Fannon Products, LLC manufactures over 1000 different quartz replacement Infrared lamps for commercial or industrial use. Fannon has been manufacturing quartz infrared lamps since 1954. Lamps can be made in virtually any length, wattage, voltage and with a variety of end terminations. Fannon Products, LLC manufactures short and medium wavelength infrared lamps in the standard design or “Goldenrod” design, which incorporates a high efficiency gold reflector that directs the infrared energy where it is needed.

General Electric created quartz infrared heat lamps in the 1950s.  They work by using iodine and halogen gas that is pressurized, which reacts with tungsten atoms.  The exterior of the lamp is made of quartz, which is where the name comes from, because the heat generated from the lamp would actually melt glass.  Stainless steel is used to direct the heat.  Quartz infrared heat lamps can be powered by either gas or electric, and they have multiple benefits.