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Fannon "Clam-Shell" Infrared Web Drying Systems

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Fannon "Clam-Shell" Infrared web drying systems are designed to dry ink jet on the most demanding web fed applications, including high gloss, over-coated and temperature sensitive substrates. Depending upon the application, these systems are available using Fannon Near IR lamps, Short-wave IR lamps, or Instant ON/OFF medium-wavelength lamps. The combination of Infrared and convection will dry at speeds up to 1000 FPM. Our extruded aluminum construction makes it easy to mount to your web structure and the "clam-shell" design is hinged to allow for quick and easy webbing.

  • Cost effective. Adding drying capacity is easy and affordable
  • Available for standard web widths of 10”, 13”, 17.5", 20", 26” and 40". Custom sizes available upon request
  • Vertical and/or horizontal operation
  • Highly polished internal reflectors for maximum efficiency
  • Air plenum design for cooling and to aid in the drying process
  • Control system allows for manual and/or automatic operation
  • Automatic "closed-loop" web temperature sensing or output adjustment via a PLC signal
  • All required safety interlocks
  • Exhaust module (if required)
  • Pre-wired power cords with quick disconnect package for quick and easy installation
  • Can be made to operate on any Voltage supply (208, 240, 277, 380, 415, 480, 600)