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Fannon Products, LLC manufactures high quality short-wave and medium-wave quartz Infrared lamps for Fostoria Industries, Inc. comfort heater and industrial equipment.  Fannon replacement lamps are made to the exact OEM (Ushio / Philips / Dr. Fischer) specifications, competitively priced, and are typically in stock, ready to ship.

Below is a list of replacement lamps for the following Fostoria Heaters:

Short-wave:  MM-18A, MM-24A, 222/223 Series, MM-33A, 342/343 Series, MM-46A, 462/463 Series

Medium-wave:  FFH-912B, FFH-512A, CH-2212-1C, CH-6424-1C, Trimline, OCH-46, OCH-46SS, CH-46, OCH-57, OCH-57SS, CH-57

If you don’t see the lamp you need listed below, please call Fannon Products, LLC with your requirements.  (810) 794-2000