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Goldenrod Short-Wave Infrared Lamps

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Tube-in-a-Tube design

The Fannon gold-backed short-wave infrared lamp is a directional design that contains its own integral reflector. The infrared energy is dispersed out of the tube in one direction, without the need of a secondary reflector. There is an outer quartz tube that contains the gold reflector which surrounds the inner quartz tube. This provides an air space (360 degrees) around the inner tube. This provides many advantages for protection and function. Some of the features of the Goldenrod Directional Short-Wave lamp are:

  • Instant thermal response for precise control
  • Saves 23.5% energy expense compared to standard lamps
  • Available heated lengths: 1”, 5”, 8”, 10”, 16”, 25”, 28”, 38”, 40”, 53”, 58”
  • Single or twin-tube design
  • Horizontal and vertical operation available
  • Tungsten filament for burning temperature up to 4000 degrees F
  • No secondary reflector required to direct energy toward work in process
  • Air space provides superior heat dissipation to protect gold reflector
  • Can be grouped together for very high watt densities
  • Snap-in design available; no wire connections necessary
  • Integral reflector keeps interior equipment surfaces and surrounding equipment much cooler
  • Specific IR dispersion angles from lamp are available
  • Custom lengths, wattage, and operating voltages are available
  • Long life, affordable pricing