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Medium-Wave Quartz Infrared Lamps

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Fannon Products, LLC manufactures standard medium-wave quartz infrared lamps in virtually any length, Wattage, and Voltage combination for new applications or direct replacement into existing equipment.  

  • Very cost effective

  • Long life

  • Fast delivery time

  • Clear or Translucent quartz

  • 5/8", ½", or 3/8" O.D. quartz available

  • Standard or with 24K gold reflector 

  • Vertical and/or horizontal operation

  • Color temperature:  bright orange glow

  • Fast heat up and cool down:  30 seconds or less

  • Mechanical durability:  Good

  • Multiple end-cap terminations (see end-caps and connectors page)


Instant ON/OFF Medium-Wave Infrared Lamps

In applications where medium-wave infrared is required and the thermal response of the lamp is critical, Fannon Products, LLC manufactures Instant Response Medium-Wave Infrared Lamps. These lamps are available in standard clear quartz or can be made directional with a 24K gold or white oxide reflector.  These lamps can be made in virtually any length (under 40”), Wattage, and Voltage combination.

The following information is required:

“A” dimension (Overall Length)

“B” dimension (Heated Length)



End-cap type (see end-cap and connector page)

Diameter of quartz:  5/8", ½", 3/8"

Vertical or horizontal operation

Reflector (yes/no)

Reflector type (Gold / White Oxide)