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Fannon Products, LLC offers a complete line of high quality twin-tube quartz infrared lamps.  These lamps are available in short or medium wavelength, 23mm x 11mm and 33mm x 15mm quartz, and are available in numerous standard lengths, Wattages, and Voltages.  We make twin-tube quartz infrared lamps for direct replacement for any existing equipment.  Custom sizes are also available upon request.

  • Clear 23mm x 15mm or 33mm x 15mm  quartz
  • 96% radiant efficiency
  • Short-wave or medium-wave Infrared
  • Instant response time
  • Mechanical durability:  Good
  • Resistance to thermal shock:  Good
  • Life Expectancy:  5000 + hours
  • Series or parallel wiring
  • With or without gold reflector