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End Caps & Connectors

    Material of End Caps DIA Quartz Wave Length Standard/Gold Clear/Trans/Ruby Quartz
A Stainless Steel 5/8" 1/2" M S/G C/T
B Stainless Steel 5/8" 1/2" M S/G C/T
C Stainless Steel 5/8" M/S S/G C/T/R
D Ceramic 5/8" M/S S/G C/T/R
E Ceramic 5/8" 1/2"
F Ceramic 3/8" M S/G C/T
G Ceramic 1/2" M S/G C/T/R
H Ceramic 3/8" M/S S/G C/T/R
I Ceramic 5/8" 1/2" M/S S/G C/T/R
J Ceramic 5/8" M/S S/G C/T/R
K Ceramic 1/2" M S/G Ruby Red C/T
L Ceramic 3/8" S S C/T
M Insulated Leads 3/8" S S C/T
N Stainless/Leads 3/8" S S C/T
O Ceramic 3/8" S S/G C
P ICA Wire 5/8" S S/G C
I. For high watt density applications, Fannon Products manufactures Goldenrod Array Element Modules, a closely arranged grouping of infrared elements that form one high watt density emitter. Use individual Arrays or nest them together to obtain the specific watt densities required for your application. Arrays can also be arranged to cover the exact area you desire.
II. Ceramic Block housing for use with Type C end caps. Block uses fuse clip design described below and encloses all electrical areas with high temperature ceramic housing.
III. Snap Cap Assembly for use with Type A & C end caps. Fuse clip design allows for electrical connection and support to lamp without the hassle of lead wires. Installing or replacing lamps has never been easier.
IV. RSC Connector for use with Type L end caps. (T3 Lamps)
V. Clamp connector used for mounting the twin- tube emitter type J.