Infrared Dryers That'll Last | Cost Effective Quartz Tubes

Fannon Products, LLC also designs, engineers and is a leading manufacturer of custom Infrared systems, quartz infrared lamps, inkjet drying systems, custom ovens and control equipment that are used in a wide range of industries ranging from Automotive, Plastics, Printing, Food, Electronics, Textiles, Glass-Ceramics, and Farming. Our ability to manufacture medium and short-wave infrared lamps in virtually any length, wattage and voltage allows us to provide our customers with reliable, energy efficient and cost effective heating solutions.

Why Infrared? Infrared has proven itself as a valuable method of industrial process heating, having distinct advantages over conventional methods including faster process cycles, improved quality, versatility, and increased process control are among the many reasons Infrared is used. Our custom systems utilize the Goldenrod Infrared emitter as the primary heat source in our infrared products. The Goldenrod’s directional capability allows for oven and heater fixture construction to be lightweight, without the need for costly and inefficient secondary reflectors. High watt density applications can be achieved without the need for water cooling the equipment. Our oven and fixture design using the “fuse-clip” mounting connector provides our customers with reliable and low maintenance operation.